<center><strong>A Family Loses Over 500 Pounds | FBTT S2E6 Predictions and Advice</strong></center>

Family by the Ton -

A Family Loses Over 500 Pounds | FBTT S2E6 Predictions and Advice

Family By The Ton is a show on the TLC Network that highlights a family's group effort to lose weight and through conventional and surgical means. This is the 6th installment of my weekly observations in which I discuss their progress along with predictions and warnings for future success in getting healthy for the family.


  • Ameet Mathew

    Super proud of this family! Love your coverage of this series!
    “Fitness isn’t owned, it’s rented. And the rent is due EVERY DAMN DAY!”

  • Micah Cotton

    This is awesome. I love what you do, and the message that you bring to everyone. Whether they be 200 pounds or 700, you promote the idea that your happiness and life are directly affected by what you do EVERY day. The food we eat,people we hang out with, and most importantly (in my opinion) the mentality we carry can change our lives and make them better. I hope these families will reach out to you and I cannot wait to see a follow up to see how they have progressed. Every day is the best day to be the best you possible. My 2 cents KEEP IT UP!


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