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One in every five children under the age of 19 is obese in America. Here is how to avoid being that parent.

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The incredible rise in obesity in the world is unsustainable. One of the leading reasons for this is the perpetuated lie that individuals can be healthy at every size. This is simply a lie that is disproved with even basic physics.

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I have been linked this article probably 3 dozen times. Now those of you that do not know me, or my writings and videos may be offended by some of what I have to say. However, before you make judgement know that I am a fitness professional that is dedicated to helping people get healthy with a focus on helping people lose weight… including morbidly obese individuals. I am the person they turn to that tells them the truth. I am the person that they turn to that tells them that it is not ok, that they will not live long enough to see their grandkids, that they will be a source of pain in memory for their loved ones when they are gone too early because they wouldn’t lose weight. 

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