• John

    Your kids have to love you “F” father

  • Jeremy

    Do people actually take that guy seriously? A couple things Alan missed:
    1. If basketball is no longer cardio, and clearly does nothing, then have them stop playing basketball and let’s see if they maintain their weight. They weren’t doing anything anyway, so cutting that out, they would stay the exact same weight.

    2. He said “if you’re playing 2 pickup games a week, guess what, you’re adapted.” That may be the dumbest thing he said, but to be honest, it’s hard to single out the actual dumbest statement. If someone is just automatically adapted like that, then why is that not true for “real” cardio? I can’t even comprehend the stupidity of that retard.

  • Brian

    Good god do I miss this kind of content.

  • Kutch22

    I love basketball, and I play my ass off the one day a week I get to play pickup games. Fuck him. Thank you for roasting his ass.
    P.S. Love the cat walking around in the background.

  • Randon

    Jerry stated that playing basketball twice weekly would cause adaptation and therefore would no longer be cardio. Using his logic: I train for ultra marathons in the summer. I adapt to long distance trail running, so once I am running 30+ miles, when I do a 20 miler, it’s not cardio.

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