Math & Willpower - How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off - UNCENSORED

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My first eBook Math & Willpower - How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off - UNCENSORED.

This book is self published and written in my own words and all IN MY OPINION OF COURSE. This book will never be considered literary genius. I wrote it how I talk, but hopefully it will help some of you out there lose weight who desperately need to. For the others that buy it I do certainly hope you are entertained.

There are many instances of what some considered offensive words in the book if that sort of thing offends you, sorry not sorry. 

Excerpt From Math & Willpower - How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

"My body weight was 243.5 pounds. My body fat percentage was 30.2, and for a mid-40s man that is life shortening… and I fuckin' knew it. I had been in and around the fitness industry for decades, and as I sat there looking at the calculator I thought to myself what I would tell myself if I was one of my clients. I would tell me that I understand that you want to be strong, but don’t you want to see your grand-kids that you don’t even have yet get married? I understand you love lifting heavy weight and you think that you need the extra weight to do so, but is that worth developing sleep apnea? I would say to myself if I was one of my own clients…. do you not want to hold your wife’s hand 30 years from now instead of being a source of pain for her when she thinks about how you died before your time from heart disease, or diabetes all because you “wanted” to stay big? I know those words seem harsh but honestly… it is the reality. I feel comfortable saying things like these to my clients even more now as I have said them to myself."